JITM Skills is India’s emerging Information Technology and ITES Company.

Our Management Team


Prof. Yogesh Kumar is Director and Founder of JITM Skills Private Limited and possesses more than 25 years of experience in skill development initiatives. Prof. Yogesh Kumar graduated from the prestigious Hindu College, University of Delhi (1981) followed by a Ph.D. in Characterization of Silicon, Department of Physics &Astrophysics, University of Delhi.

Prof. Yogesh Kumar started skill initiatives from April 1989. He has 25 years of rich and diverse experience of working with government, private sector and multilateral institutions in field of Education. He has successfully completed Various Schemes of Skill Training & Placement Including Manas, NULM, SeekhoAurKamao, ISDS, PMKVY, PMKK.UKSDM etc.

Chief Operating Officer

Manav Chauhan is next generation entrepreneur who leads JITM Skills as Chief Operating Officer and Group Head of Skill Business. In a quick span since his association he has successfully rolled out various profit centre verticals and amalgamated its operations with parent organization knowledge base.

He has been instrumental in rolling out JITM retail ventures, JITM online content channel as well as JITM coaching Institutes of excellence. His vast experience in project development, management and implementation, advisory & consulting roles helped JITM in capacity building & sustainability and ensuring that it delivers on its promise and commitments regardless of challenges.

He has successfully implemented various schemes of Skill India courses Training & Placement Including DDU-GKY, PMKK, MANAS, NULM, Seekho Aur Kamao, ISDS,
PMKVY, UKSDM etc. to name a few.